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Dez Reed

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Dez Reed

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Dez Reed is one of the funniest comedians around. His act is ever-changing, you can see him over and over again and never see the same show twice. He can do it all, from squeaky clean corporate shows to down and dirty nightclub shows. All with totally original material and a totally original persona.

Wherever Dez goes, whether it's a comedy club, theatre, nightclub, people rave that he is the best comedian they've ever seen.

He is known for his improv skills which make him second to none when it comes to playing multiple shows in the same venue.

His longest show, which is a world record as far as we know is over four hours, of all his own material, at a small town hotel showroom.

Fellow comedian and friend Joe DeLorey says, "Dez improvs better material than most comedians spend years writing, I've seen him improv an entire hour long set."

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